16th Annual Vet Snowmobile Ride


Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sign up today to participate in the largest organized Veterans Snowmobile Ride in the US. Now the first Saturday in March - the 2020 event is on March 7th. Pre-registration cutoff is March 1st. After March 1st, please register onsite.

It's "Operation Camaraderie" as riders ranging from the very experienced to the novice come from all around to the little town of Seney to participate in this ride. Our motto is "Be a Vet, bring a Vet, thank a Vet."

Registration starts at 8:30 am. We begin with a brief ceremony at the flag pole at 10:00 am and then break up into groups of different riding abilities. Our local guides take you through the majestic back country trails that were specially prepared for the riding for this event covering 80 to 120 miles. Views of the Fox River and riding through the Danaher Plains are just a couple of scenic sites on the ride. 

A hot lunch will be served at a location to be determined. A hand prepared dinner and bonfire (if weather permits) is the perfect social setting to round off the event. It's a day of fun, mingling, respect, and war stories.

Thank you to all the Veterans for their contribution to the freedom we value so highly and continue to fight for. 

The cost is FREE for anyone who has served or is currently serving in the Armed Forces. Not only do you get a great day of riding, BUT you also will get a FREE shirt when you sign up for the event.

Registration for non-veterans is $25. Shirts are $25 each and will be waiting for you on-site. Did you like previous years shirts? Don't worry! We will have some of the previous year shirts for sale as well ($10 each).

Non-Veterans, click here to pre-register.

Veterans, click here to sign up.

Interested in sponsoring the Vet Ride? Contact Dave at seneysnowmobiling@gmail.com

Saturday, March 7, 2020


Saturday, March 7, 2020