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It’s A New Day; It’s A New Era


The reigns have change hands after 18 years of managing the Seney Snowmobile Association.   I worked my way up from just being a groomer to president of our club, member at large for EUPSC (Eastern Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Counsel) and past president of MSA.  Diane fulfilled her dream to thank veterans before visiting them at the cemetery by organizing to date the largest organized veterans snowmobile ride in the USA.  We truly have enjoyed the ride, but its now time for new blood, new ideas, and new energy.   No, we have not given up snowmobiling.  We will still be active members of the club and you’ll see Don more behind the wheel of the tractor grooming; something he has longed to do for years.  Diane’s veterans ride won’t change; she will still be coordinating them.   But the daily operations and paperwork will be transferred to the new regime.  We will be assisting them with the transfer to ensure a smooth transition.  Please welcome the new officers;

President: Marc Schooley

Trail Boss: Marc Schooley

            Marc has lots of history with our club and area.  He has a cabin just north of town.  He and his family have been coming here for years to hunt and ride.  He has guided for our veterans rides for many years and is there for whatever other tasks we need.  He is a welder by trade and been called upon often to utilize this talent to get our groomers back on the trail.  He brought his family north when he purchased the Fox River Motel from us to live the good life in the UP.  He’s been the VP for the past 2 years and quite familiar with operations of the club.


Vice President: Randy Murphy

            Randy is a snowmobile enthusiast that has ridden in our area for more than 15 years.  He recently retired and moved to Seney as a permanent resident.  He has been guiding for our veterans ride for many years.  He also started grooming for the club 2 years ago.  He is very knowledgeable in equipment maintenance and operations and is an asset to our team.


Treasurer/Secretary:  Randy Dunn

            Randy is the new owner of Mater’s Stop N Go.  He has been a huge supporter of the club since he moved here.  He’s been to every meeting and volunteered at every function we’ve had.  He has extended courtesies thru his business to help the club.  He is proactive in the community stepping up to volunteer in all aspects to improve Seney.  We welcome his energy.


Kelly Vermeersch will still be operating behind the scenes keeping the website current.


It was bittersweet today.  Diane and I have put a lot of energy, and time into making Seney THE destination to ride.   We will see you on the trail now in a groomer or on our snowmobiles ‘Where Friends And Trails Meet’.


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The Seney Snowmobile Association (SSA) is a nonprofit organization. Our grooming operation is funded by your trail sticker money and fund raising. So if you enjoyed the ride, thank an operator when you see them and participate in at least one of the many fund raising opportunities we have available every year.

Simply click on the "Club Events" or "Fund Raisers" links above for more information on how YOU can become involved in the SSA.
 It’s that time of year again, time to renew your membership. We have changed things a little bit this year. The lifetime membership has been replaced with a 5 year membership. The 5 year gives you a little more bang for your buck than a single and helps the club a lot more. Of course, anyone who already has a lifetime membership will be grandfathered in. The memberships are available on the web site Members page, and can be done by either snail mail or electronically via paypal.



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